Ordering the finest sushi is really easy

Select your collection / delivery time

You collect or we deliver (check if you are in our delivery zone) between 12:00 – 1500 and 1730 – 21:30. Place your order anytime on the day that you would like your sushi – even before we are open. Simply select your time slot. No next day orders.

Select your sushi

Click ‘Order Online’ above, or select sushi category from the drop down list. Browse and click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to add sushi to your order.
Click “Add to Cart” again to add more than one of the same sushi.

View and adjust your order

You can view and adjust your order, as you add to it, on the right sidebar, or click ‘View Cart’ to see it on a full page.
If you change your mind at any time, simply click the ‘X’ to remove an item. You can do this in the sidebar, and when you ‘View Cart’ or ‘Checkout’. Wow!

Checkout to complete your order

Click ‘Checkout’ when you’re done to review your order, you can still change your mind and add or remove anything.
If you are happy then simply enter your name, address, contact details and click ‘Place Order’.

We may arrive a few minutes early or late depending on the volume of orders.

You pay on delivery

We take cash and POS for cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo.


Order the Finest Sushi Now

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